4 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Can Fuel Hotel Sales

By Melissa Bagci, PR Intern at Abacus

As a millennial, we travel for all sorts of reasons and demand constant tech savvy change. This gives us access to share valuable insights into many different industries. When it comes to the changing hotel landscape hotels should be aware of how measuring their online marketing performance can increase their future sales.

By advertising on Facebook, it shows that you are ahead of the game and keeping up with your digital performance. Taking advantage of the opportunity with Facebook ads now will have a profitable return of impact for your future sales. Facebook has 1.18 billion users following up with Instagram’s 600 million users. You’re missing out if Facebook marketing is not part of your business cycle. Here’s why you should consider using Facebook ads for your Hotel;

1. Higher amount of reservations

Your amount of reservations should be one of your priorities. The platform itself makes it convenient to rotate revenue-generating ads.  If your objective is to target tourists outside of your reach, your sales and profit will mean nothing on its own within today’s competitive hotel industry. Instead of spending tons of money on your advertising initiatives and working on it the whole year, then coming up with one TV commercial,  you may get more bang for your buck by using a more targeted approach through Facebook ads. Facebook ads are powerful because it measures which campaigns hit sales goals by increasing your amount of reservations.

You are able to convert potential travelers into hotel bookings by the leads landing to your Facebook hotel page. Not only do you shorten the process of your visitors to your landing page but you’re simplifying the booking initiatives of those potential tourists going to third party booking sites.  You’re not just simplifying the booking process, but are creating a whole new avenue for speeding up the whole sales funnel.

One of the ad types that would fuel your online reservations would be Dynamic ads. By showcasing the services and items of your hotel that you promote, you create and update your services and offers in one.  You batch pricing variables and room types all in one through a strong story feed.  Also,  if your main business objective is to increase sales through direct bookings with the right measure whether be it Dynamic ads or any other type of ad you are reaching people directly looking for hotels at your location or region. You can geo-target and specify this reach through behaviour, region, as well geographic exclusion. Facebook ads will allow you to grab the necessary leads beyond your reach.

2. The cost to acquire a customer

In order to rotate tourist leads to your target destination, it is crucial for you to manage your campaigns cost-effectively. In a large market like the hotel industry where you spend a lot of money, you want to rely on valuable users that can speak to data that increases your sales cycle. This is where the tricky part comes in and where the Facebook specialists step in to measure the right campaign results.

When dealing with your online performance Facebook specialists look at how things are set up, how the lead page functions, what your landing page visitor numbers are to measure the best ROI. Also, the ads allow you to add improvements to hit your sales goal and deliver the right insights to build a broad range of customer audience. The platform allows utilizing your data and best practices; with this advanced measurement, it will be easier to determine the cost for how to acquire clients for your hotel. The ad units allow you to hunt the right input depending on the right metric by its powerful capabilities, creating a unique inventory in promoting your hotel business. Targeting the necessary audience for your hotel allows the fastest and most cost-friendly way to market your hotel. As the process of individual advertisement can be time-consuming, be aware of the fact that whether demographic or geographic, through direct sales and advertising your cost to acquire a customer is much higher than the cost through lead generation.

3. Testing for zero waste

Failure can be a consequence often times as businesses end up consuming more money through old ways of advertisements. Scaling the right performance through traditional ads is harder and can be a waste of time. Through, Facebook, we measure the sales impact across the network more accurate. Facebook specialists help you reach your campaign objectives through different ways of making your hotel brand stand out.  As we have previously mentioned that Facebook specialist upgrade all complementary offers in one to make you stand out has a bigger impact than any other type of advertisement.

Also, it’s hard to handle and tailor all of your hotel’s aspects with a single commercial or your own individual ad campaign because the amount of data taken is not designed on a scalable input, therefore there is a lack of measure and wrongful use of metric.  Handling digital campaigns through Facebook ads is like running an experiment for the right scientific result, testing simple ways of finding the best fit for the right ad helps you aim for a zero waste sales objective.

As your future sales opportunity lies within the right metric, in order to get the highest results for your media plan Facebook specialists determine campaign results based on split tests, optimized reach and conversion rates that they try on a range of audience. They optimize when and what to detect, test what drives your sales depending on your goal and budget.

Facebook ads show your hotel’s differences, but why it might not often seem appealing is due to the wrong campaign goal approach. Those who are running the traditional show for advertisements might think Facebook ads don’t work for tailoring all of the hotel aspects.  This comes down to defining your campaign goal from the start. Clearly, define and state what your ad campaign goals are before collaborating with an agency. Facebook specialists lead you to questions on how to identify your goals.

4. Create lifetime customers

Your Facebook ad network displays your hotel to various target demographics across the globe, with a faster reach and longer impact. There are several ways to create loyal customers through Facebook. For hotels, the best way ads work is through building lifetime value through a large audience of network, by increasing engagement and securing input.

You keep your current guests and track potential clients with your ad sets. The ad setup to connect offline transactions to your Facebook campaigns direct your analytics result and media expenditure to your email. The process of scaling your Facebook salesforce also highers your email campaign goal by  77% Based on your ad sets, target fields, billing event and optimization values you can track or define your own conversions to promote your hotel business. That way you have access to the behavioral data of those in reach and beyond reach.

Apart from the ad sets the different type of ads you use, whether be it lead generation, website click or offer ads you display options in different formats to collect the right input from those audiences that allows you to retarget. Depending on your campaign goal, with  Facebook ads with the way you set up your ads, you are able to reach previous hotel clients and lead them towards an early reservation. Early reservation discounts,  events, and other sales strategies tailored in one single ad can help you retarget your old hotel clients and convert them to long-term customers.

Another option is Facebook video ads. You leave a lifetime impact with visual displays. Video ads are usually more recognizable than any other form of ad. You benefit from the attention span by leaving the exact target message you want to display within a few seconds of range. On the contrary, the short time frame is an advantage when delivering your hotel’s story. Displaying unique qualities in high amounts of reach within small amount of time will allow your hotel’s story create a lasting effect. Facebook video ads indeed is a powerful parameter for converting hotel business leads to lifetime customers.

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