Bryon Sheng: At The Table Podcast (October 8)

Pioneer in lifestyle and apparel marketing Bryon Sheng joins our co-founder Jeff Goldenberg for another live discussion At The Table with Abacus, recorded live October 8th.

Bryon Sheng has held multiple executive positions in the sportswear and tech industries at Nike, Adidas, And 1, Chronicled and Monster Products. Muhammad Ali, Shaquille O’Neal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Meek Mill, and Swizz Beats are a few of the athletes and artists he has worked with over his career.

In this special recording, Bryon Sheng talks about his work with Beastmode’s Marshawn Lynch, what it mean to learn from failure, how to work with family and much more. As a leading creative director with 20+ years experience in street-wear and athletic apparel, Bryon Sheng’s unique insight into the industry is applicable to any small business owner, marketing executive, student or start up.

The best thing I can advise you to do (is) … just kind of figure out where your, your footing is and what it is like, you want to do as a brand or as an athlete.

Yeah, I work with other athletes outside of Marshawn now and that’s something I’m kind of, you know not … I don’t necessarily struggle with but…

…that’s something I have to go through constantly is: trying to figure out what does your… what do you want your brand to stand for? And who do you want to be?