The Recipe – Episode 7 – Building A Cannabis Brand

The Recipe – Episode 7 – Building A Cannabis Brand

Cannabis brand

The Recipe is here… in Podcast form! Every week Abacus will be speaking with Michelin-star marketers to bring their audience the ingredients and techniques to succeed with their social and advertising campaigns in a one hour podcast.

Learn how to build a Cannabis brand that succeeds. Join our guest Jeff Goldenberg as we dive into how to create a winning Cannabis brand in a highly regulated and ever changing marketplace.

Jeff is Co-Founder of Abacus, ADCANN’s Cannabis Brand Agency Of The Year and has worked with brand like Tweed, Aurora, Riff, Blissed, Kingsway, Color, Ace Valley and most recently, the launch of Marshawn Lynch’s Dodi Blunts.

We discuss why the best brands are never built in boardrooms, how to connect with real customers and cut out the noise and where the Cannabis market will be in 5 years.

Want to learn more? Visit us at and let’s talk.

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