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We helped CLC teach more of their audience to code by ensuring they reached more of their audience. Not only did we maximize their reach, but we optimized their campaign budget to ensure the not-for-profit was spending on the ads that performed best. Facebook created an official case study for it below.


Success Story

This Toronto-based nonprofit attracted new students and encouraged people to register for its new monthly class series by opting into Facebook’s campaign budget optimization, auto advanced matching and dynamic creative optimization, achieving a 44% increase in completed registrations.


Their Story

Canada Learning Code empowers women, girls, people with disabilities, indigenous youth and newcomers to the country by teaching them technology skills so that they can prosper in a digital world. The organization designs learning programs and partners with public and private entities to advocate for universal digital education.


Their Goal

Canada Learning Code sought to increase awareness of its organization and promote signups for its new monthly global issues-themed workshops.

The Solution
Canada, Learning Code (CLC), like most nonprofits, needed to make every cent of its ad spend count. So, CLC partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner Abacus Agency to automate multiple aspects of its campaigns to increase brand awareness and signups for its new monthly series.

Expanding Appeal
First, to boost brand awareness, CLC identified broad audiences who might be interested in its classes. It chose Canadians aged 18 and up who spoke English or French. Then it narrowed a bit by adding interests, including parenting, technology, teaching, STEM and sustainability.

Automating creative
Next, CLC perfected every component of its ads—imagery, title, description—and uploaded them to Facebook so that it could take advantage of Facebook’s dynamic creative option. By selecting dynamic creative, CLC allowed Facebook to choose the best-performing combinations of creative assets according to its prescribed audiences across platforms.

Optimizing ad spend
CLC also chose campaign budget optimization, which allows Facebook to invest its ad spend, in real-time, on whichever ads are performing best. Because the nonprofit had installed the Facebook pixel on its site, CLC was able to switch on automatic advanced matching to accurately attribute conversions and have a better understanding of the impact of the ads. Automatic advance matching also helps increase the Custom Audience size to reconnect with people who demonstrated interest.

Making a difference
CLC’s campaign not only helped people in the community learn how to code, but it did so through classes linking them to issues much bigger than themselves. Its new class series was based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Developmental Goals, with monthly themes featuring content, like water security, that is designed to be social, collaborative and project-based.