Sports? Sponsorships?
Yes. We can slam dunk on those too.

Alongside our partners at MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment) we turned a regular activation from one of Canada’s most beloved pizza chains (Pizza Pizza) with Canada’s biggest and most loved team — the Toronto Raptors, into a crushing App Installs Campaign.

We mapped out the consumer journey based on game-time behaviour, with always-on awareness assets, a pre-game piece that was shown only on game days to remind fans about the promotion, the opponent and the time to tune in. Based on engagement with our content, a third layer of post-game ads would then target engaged fans to prompt them to redeem the offer (an in-store voucher) through the official Toronto Raptors App.

Our creative had to speak and be timely with our campaign set up, and trust us, we handled it. We made specific visual assets for each format, IN different formats, alongside copy that would change according to EVERY SINGLE Raptors game.

Yup, all the way to the NBA Finals.

The results?

11,016 Mobile App Installs ($2.31 per Install)
Voucher redemption lift of 25% from paid social (vs. non-paid activity)
In-store incremental revenue growth of 30% from paid social (compared to non-paid periods)
Lookalike audience based on past Pizza Pizza voucher redemptions CRM list showed 28% lower Cost per MAI ($1.71 vs. $2.39) and almost x2 higher CTR (1.50% vs. 0.77% for other audiences)

Also, an NBA Championship (but we can’t take credit for that

When we state that we do media and creative at the same time, we mean it.

When we say we can help you map out and execute a design system based on your goals, we mean it.

And when you say I’m ready to get results on my social campaigns, we hope you mean it too.