An Interview with Michelle Lemmon of TIFF

Events TIFF With TIFF 2017 wrapping up only a few weeks ago, we were excited to interview Michelle Lemmon, Senior Manager, Marketing and Strategy to get her take on the festival and other upcoming events TIFF has in store. Abacus: How was the preparation for TIFF this year? Michelle:Since Festival is yearly occurrence we have the timing […]

6 tips for staying focused while working from home

Regardless of where you work, there can be distractions. And there’s a high chance you are having some difficulty staying focused and productive during these uncertain times whilst working from home. Don’t fret, you’re not alone. According to sports and performance psychologist Michael Inglis “Our minds are made to wonder”. The trick is training your […]

Second wave planning: Drawing on lessons learned

As we enter a “Second wave”, Reflecting on lessons learned over the past few months with Abacus co-founder Peter Reitano Important Lessons As an employee at Abacus it was clear to see that yourself and Jeff really made sure both your customers and employees relationships were to outlast coronavirus. What did you find was most […]