Product Pages That Work (With 5 Great Examples)

We hear you: when designing your online store it’s hard not to focus on the homepage. Yes, the homepage is the first thing visitors see when they arrive… to your homepage, but we both know it’s really your product pages that close the deal. The true goal of any E-commerce website is sales, and there’s […]

Creating great audio ads for 2021

audio ads

Your audience is listening: a recipe for perfect audio ads Music, podcasts and live-streams are in a moment of major growth. In the last year 65.3% of Americans (218.6M) 70% of Canadians (26.6M) are tuning into digital audio every month, and with the rapid rise of working from home, the consumption of audio content has […]

Building a Content Marketing Matrix In 8 Easy Steps

multichannel content marketing matrix

What is a Content Marketing Matrix? Great marketing always begins with great content, and great content requires a sense of purpose, direction, and objectives. Often our marketing messages can get lost in the endless stream of social calendars, ad managers and email engines as we race to keep up with our audience. While it’s tempting […]

iOS 14.5: Important updates for your Facebook & Instagram Ads

Are the recent changes to privacy in Apple’s iOS 14.5 going to destroy your Facebook and Instagram Campaigns? On April 20, 2021, Apple’s latest iOS 14.5 software update for mobile devices was made available to the general public. The update introduces privacy features that are intended to go the extra mile towards protecting the privacy […]

The importance of Health and Wellness when working from home

We have been asked to be adaptable, creative and resilient in the face of great change, disruption and uncertainty. However, it’s important to know that it is in our own power to make sure our health and well being is paramount above all. Ellen Porteous, one of our Copywriters, was kind enough to share her […]

Facebook Ads for Hotels

Most Facebook Ads are run with two main strategies: target users (almost) anywhere to purchase or take actions online, or to target specific users who are nearby to stop in at your brick-and-mortar store. So what about hotels, who are targeting users everywhere to come see them in a specific place? At a first glance, […]

Specialization vs. Generalization

Once businesses make the decision to hire a marketing agency, they then have to choose which one. This sometimes means choosing between hiring one general marketing agency that offers multiple services or hiring several specialized agencies. Generalized marketing agencies claim they can take care of all of your marketing needs, including social marketing, PPC campaigns, […]

Creativity & Data

Mad Men captivated the world, showing us the creative (if shady) side of marketing at the revolution of advertising in the 1950s. All of their campaigns were based on creativity and wit, and while that same creativity is still essential to marketing success today, it’s not enough. We’re existing in an extremely saturated environment, with ads […]

How Personalization is Revolutionizing Marketing

Have you noticed that your Facebook Ads almost always seem perfectly tailored to you, minus a few random exceptions? The truth is they are! Many Facebook advertisers tailor their ads to their ideal audience. So it’s no coincidence that you see ads of products that you would probably be interested in or have checked out […]

How to Boost Your Revenue Using Deep Data and Better Metrics

These days we have more data than ever before! But like most things, too much of any one thing isn’t good. And if we’re not careful, this abundance of data can both help us and hurt us. Until recently, we may have had some good indications that our marketing efforts were working, but we didn’t […]