Beginners Guide to the Facebook Pixel

IntroductionWhen it comes to ads, people want to know that the money they’re spending is actually working towards their goals. Conversions are important when you’re not simply running an awareness campaign. This is why Facebook can be a game changer.Specifically, when it comes to Facebook ads, using the Facebook pixel is the key to obtaining […]

How to Use Psychology to Create Awesome Facebook Ads

Psychology is important for many reasons. In the world of advertising, we rely on understanding people to create ad experiences that resonate with people and call them to act in a certain way (CTA). Having an understanding of how people process/think about information is the key to creating effective ads. Get into the mind of […]

3 Reasons Why Fintech Companies Need Facebook Ads

IntroductionAs financial institutions move into the digital age, their fintech efforts and service offerings are becoming stronger and more plentiful. Physical services are transforming into digital only, banks are looking for ways to increase value and Facebook ads are an enticing way to walk customers through this journey. Together with its product positioning and differentiation, […]

The Anatomy of a Mobile Ad in 2019

Mobile ads account for 70% of all digital advertising. Further to that – they will account for 34% of total US ad spend surpassing TV as the leading advertising format. Let’s break down nine factors that you should take into consideration before launching your mobile ad campaign. 1. Vertical You need to think vertical in […]

Top Split Tests Every New FB Advertiser Should Run

Note: This article has been updated and expanded for 2020. Facebook split testing has never been more important for advertisers to control their budgets and make creative perform at its best.  If you have never advertised on Facebook before, you may feel a bit scared launching your first campaign when so many unknown variables could impact its performance. This […]

Abacus and StackAdapt

It has been deemed the “Cannabis Revolution”. Not quite a year old, it quickly ripened into big business with brands and advertisers alike seizing a piece of this very significant market opportunity. Despite this market attracting savvy business leaders, the landscape is uncertain and most are still trying to figure out how to navigate it.  […]

What Comes After The TV Ad?

I realized the other day that I’ve had conversations with over 800 marketers over the past 12 months. Abacus participates in a series of Masterclasses across the US and Canada, and the round-table sessions afford us the opportunity to talk in detail to a lot of marketers. While the lessons I’ve learned from these conversations […]

A Winning Design System For Social Media In 4 Easy Steps

A design system for social media can give your brand or business a powerful way to scale your organic content and advertising in tandem, while maintaining a cohesive identity across an endless buffet of social media platforms. Don’t worry if you’re not a graphic designer or illustrator, anyone can create a Design System for their […]

Effective Startup Marketing Strategies for 2022 (Updated)

Looking for some simple strategies for startup marketing in 2021? Have an incredible idea and don’t know how to get the word out? Have a side hustle your self-funding? Read on to find 8 easy startup marketing strategies that could cost you nothing at all and help grow your business in 2021. Startup Marketing 101: […]

Instagram Reels For Advertisers: Essential 2021 Update

It’s official: Instagram Reels For Advertisers has gone global. Instagram’s TikTok clone has started serving ads in all countries as of June 17th. This new format looks just like any other video on Instagram Reels — full-screen, sound on, up to 30 seconds long — and will appear sandwiched between other Reels. With Reels, Users […]