Creativity & Data

Mad Men captivated the world, showing us the creative (if shady) side of marketing at the revolution of advertising in the 1950s. All of their campaigns were based on creativity and wit, and while that same creativity is still essential to marketing success today, it’s not enough. We’re existing in an extremely saturated environment, with ads […]

How Personalization is Revolutionizing Marketing

Have you noticed that your Facebook Ads almost always seem perfectly tailored to you, minus a few random exceptions? The truth is they are! Many Facebook advertisers tailor their ads to their ideal audience. So it’s no coincidence that you see ads of products that you would probably be interested in or have checked out […]

How to Boost Your Revenue Using Deep Data and Better Metrics

These days we have more data than ever before! But like most things, too much of any one thing isn’t good. And if we’re not careful, this abundance of data can both help us and hurt us. Until recently, we may have had some good indications that our marketing efforts were working, but we didn’t […]

Facebook Ads Not Working?

IntroductionSo you start running your Facebook ad campaign but engagement is low, CTR abysmal and CPA high. You’re asking yourself why? What did I do wrong? We get it! Facebook can be an intimidating platform and people often wonder why their ads aren’t working or eliciting the results they had hoped for. To make more […]

Abacus x MaRS

Our CSO, Jeff Goldenberg at the MaRS Discovery District talking about the basics of Facebook advertising and how startups can use them to scale their growth. Why Facebook is a game changer for startups With 2 billion users on Facebook, if this social media platform isn’t a part of your startups marketing mix you’re missing […]