Fluid Identities

Fluid Identities

We create brand guidelines tailored to the digital space and apply mobile-first thinking to classic design practices. This allows brands to seamlessly adapt to multiple platforms.

Building Better Branding

Multi-channel, but single-minded. Your brand gets the reach and consistency it deserves.

, Fluid Identities

How We Do It

We dial brand awareness up by never watering your brand down. In fact, we give you more identity than you’ve ever had.

More Than a Logo

A Fluid Identity provides you with the look & feel, tone for
copy, typeface, and overall design/photography guidelines. It’s a complete package.

Social by Nature

In a mobile-first world, social media gives brands more opportunities to connect with consumers in authentic ways. We help your brand stay real, standout, and out-perform your competitors.

Channel Flexibility

Your brand will shine wherever it is. We create identities that breakthrough and boost your brand on every channel.

Award-Winning Design

Our team is known in the industry for their work individually. Combined, they create brands that make your competitors, and the industry, jealous.