Kingsway: The People’s Weed

Bold, colourful videos that speak to the no-nonsense Cannabis connoisseur, Kingsway hits the market with a new social campaign from Abacus Agency

Kingsway is The People’s Weed. For the folks without frills. For the ones who simply like to smoke. To promote the launch of their new products, Dayshift and Nightshift, High12 partnered with Abacus to develop some dope creative and run a killer Snapchat media strategy.

Kingway: The People's Weed

Kingsway prides itself on offering smokers a consistent flower with strong potency. So no matter what time it is, you can be sure you’re getting the good stuff. And seeing as its two new products are called Dayshift and Nightshift, we thought it would be fitting to play with the duality of day and night. Authentic, relatable scenes shot in a real home bring The People’s Weed brand to life, while lighting and sound are used as devices to switch between Dayshift and Nightshift.

Six-second, non-skippable commercials will be used to introduce Kingsway to its people, announcing that our Sativa dominant flower and Indica dominant flower are now available in 3.5g jars and pre-rolls.

Next up, the strains. Discovery page story ads will be used to highlight the product benefits of each strain. With the most creative testing happening in this phase, we change things up to attract different audiences.

Finally, at the end of the consumer journey, we use collection ads that showcase the entire product series. These push previous engagers closer to a tappable, frictionless online purchase for delivery — all without leaving the comfort of their homes.


Between stellar creative and extensive testing, Kingsway will truly live up to their claim of being “The People’s Weed.” Our Ontario-based campaign is set to go live today. Next on the map, Western Canada. See you in July, British Columbia!