We help social media advertisers find, build, train, and coach the perfect Digital/Social Marketing team. We’ll be your +1.

Talent Helping Talent

The combined experience of our leadership team, media optimizers, account teams, and creative department help you scale your business in ways you’ve never thought were possible.

How We Do It

You tell us what you need. We build the team or find the outstanding individual(s) for you. Or we simply look for ways of helping you work more efficiently through coaching.

Help Us Help You

After a briefing to be clear about your goals, we’ll dive right into it. If you’ve already found your own talent, remember our training/coaching is a +1, too.

Trusted Partner

When you need people or training, Abacus +1 gets solutions to you. We aren’t rooted in the past and our insights on team building are meant to be shared.

Dream Team Building

Chemistry and efficiency are top-of-mind. It’s not just about skill sets and experience. We make sure talent are the right fit for your company and brand.

Efficiency and Excellence

It’s becoming more and more challenging for large businesses to find talent and build out processes, because that process itself can be slow. We’ll get you the people and processes you needed yesterday.