The Recipe – Episode 6 – Building a Successful Wellness Brand

The Recipe – Episode 6 – Building a Successful Wellness Brand With Suku Vitamins

The Recipe is here… in Podcast form! Every week Abacus will be speaking with Michelin-star marketers to bring their audience the ingredients and techniques to succeed with their social and advertising campaigns in a one hour podcast.

Building a successful wellness brand can seem impossible. Join us as we sit with founder Ju Young Yoo and the SUKU VITAMINS team as they share their recipe for achieving amazing growth online while staying authentic to their brand promise.

Co-Founder, CEO, and one of the driving forces behind SUKU Vitamins, Ju Young Yoo, was studying naturopathic medicine in Toronto. After years of experimenting with different topical products to combat breakouts with mixed results, Ju Young turned to nutrition and immediately noticed a huge improvement in his skin with lasting results.

Inspired, Ju Young immediately dove into research and connected with leading naturopathic doctors and food scientists to develop a new wellness brand: a line of chewable beauty and wellness nutrition products designed to help women and men worldwide achieve their beauty and wellness goals.

Two years later, SUKU Vitamins was born.

Now a wellness brand that’s growing at an incredible rate, SUKU rely on authentic imagery, ingredients and partnerships to boost their brand reach and build confidence in customers.

We’ll dive into how they did just that, on this episode of #TheRecipe.

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