The Recipe · Episode 08 · How Brands Can Use NFTs

The Recipe · Episode 08 · How Brands Can Use NFTs

how brands can use NFTs

The Recipe is here… in Podcast form! Every week Abacus will be speaking with Michelin-star marketers to bring their audience the ingredients and techniques to succeed with their social and advertising campaigns in a one hour podcast.

NFTs and Crypto are all the rage, but how can brands get involved? We talk to Josh Doner form G3nlabs, a leading crypto expert, on which brands are doing it right, which aren’t and how you can they use them authentically as a marketer.

As one of the first people to own an NFT in the world, Josh has been a leader on how brands can use NFTs since the beginning. We’ll talk about the success of projects like NBA Top Shot, NFT art galleries and where the market is growing.

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