TikTok Ads Takeover: What We Learned

On Boxing Day, Abacus, Pizza Pizza and Coca Cola took over TikTok! We worked closely together to launch a TikTok Top View Ad Takeover in Canada, promoting a limited time offer for their family holiday pizza and pop special.

It was our first time truly experimenting with the emerging TikTok ads platform, and the first Canadian takeover for a Quick Service Restaurant in Canada.

What is a TikTok Top View Takeover? 

When all 1.9MM Canadian TikTok users opened the app, they saw our “Hunger Check” campaign as the first video in their feed. Achieving 100% share of voice would prove to be an exciting learning opportunity.

Here’s what the Hunger Check video looked like:

HUNGER CHECK! Pizza Pizza and Coca Cola on TikTok!

So what did we learn?

  1. Efficiency – TikTok is an efficient way to reach a very hard to reach demo in a meaningful way. We got 4.4M+ impressions and 4M+ video views at a very competitive eCPM.
  2. Creative – Platform-specific creative is extremely important and should be measured carefully. This is not the platform to recycle your creative from elsewhere, as even simple movie trailers for blockbuster movies seemed out of place on this user-driven platform.
  3. Engagement – TikTok users are extremely engaged and social, as proven by some incredible engagement stats – 14%+ clickthrough rate, 16%+ engagement rate, 52k+ likes, 1000+ comments, 1000+ shares and 48k profile visits. Users even used the soundtrack to create their own UGC videos.
  4. Demographics – While 13-17 is clearly the largest TikTok demo in Canada (39%), the 18-44 category represents 58% of Canadian users. As the app grows, we expect the 18+ segment of the audience to continue to grow. Many TikTok users are not using other major social networks.
  5. Savvy – While the audience might be young, they’re incredibly savvy (much more so than non-digital natives). A browse through the comments (if you have the nerve for it) shows that this consumer base is in-tune with commercialization and advertising. Therefore, you need to approach your ads with care and precision, especially the creative.

Congratulations to Pizza Pizza and Coca Cola for having the boldness to try new channels and tactics. We’re really excited to continue experimenting with the app and finding new ways to engage audiences. As TikTok continues to grow, marketers will continue to take notice. If you want to chat about whether TikTok is right for your brand, send us a message and let’s chat.