Clutch Names Abacus Leading B2B Social Media Agency

Clutch has released their annual report recognizing the globally leading agencies that demonstrate excellence in marketing and advertising. Abacus is both honored and pleased to be included amongst the world’s Top B2B Social Media Consultants.

While it’s free to be listed on Clutch, the Global Leaders report is based on verified client feedback that proves the companies’ ability to deliver.

 B2B clients work

Abacus won this designation this because we know how B2B clients work, how B2B funnels perform and also what creative drive conversions. Business to business clients require a higher level of expertise in order to maximize their ad spend within the Facebook and Instagram advertising ecosystem.

“We see 360 ads a day, so there’s a lot of messaging being pushed at us. As consumers, we love buying products but we hate being sold to. We increasingly prefer self-directed paths to purchase. I think the key is having a well-structured inbound funnel coupled with an effective sales process. You really have to focus on adding value to prospect’s lives throughout that funnel.” – Peter ReitanoCo-Founder and CEO, Abacus

We drive growth for our B2B clients by targeting their exact audiences with their message. Abacus accelerates content amplification through the correct use of data, simultaneously minimizing waste and maximizing conversions.

Our approach to Facebook Ads is measured and scientific. When a client hires on Abacus as their agency, they are backed by the power of our proprietary tech platform. This removes the guesswork out of marketing, instead offering precise forecasts, targeting, strategies, and insights.

Clutch is a B2B research, ratings, and reviews company. Clutch’s annual report recognizes 220+ top B2B service providers across multiple sub-categories, including SEO, PPC, social media, branding, public relations, digital marketing, advertising, inbound marketing, content marketing, app marketing, email marketing, direct marketing, digital strategy, media buying and planning, and market research.

Abacus Agency
Abacus Agency

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