Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advanced Measurement Tools

Facebook wants to help advertisers better attribute their efforts to their results for their Facebook ad campaigns. That’s why they have developed new advanced measurement solutions to measure how your efforts are impacting your business.

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These advanced measurement tools include:

The new attribution and reach measurement solutions help you easily measure your marketing efforts on and off Facebook.
You can set up all of your publishers, on and off Facebook, to measure your reach and attribution outcomes in one place. This is a huge advantage to marketers looking for cross-platform relationships and see the entirety of their strategic outcomes.

The types of measurement the new solution gives you are:

Attribution measurement: understand how better data changes your attribution outcomes.
Reach measurement: assess who your campaign is reaching more efficiently and effectively.

So What are the Benefits of Advanced Measurement?

How to Setup your Tracking On and Off Facebook

If you set up your tracking across platforms it’ll allow you to track your ROI across platforms as well. It will also allow you to measure your search, display, retargeting and other channels in one place.
While, rules-based models include last click, last touch, even credit the advanced measurement solution can compare different attribution models, to build an intuition of how ads influence conversions.
They will also let you gain a better understanding of complex consumer purchase/conversion paths.
This is really important, the new tools can allow you to learn age, gender, geographic insights about your converting ads.

Understand Your Reach and Frequency Performance

The advanced measurement tools will also allow marketers to measure campaign effectiveness in reaching their intended audiences.
Easily see reach and frequency insights across all of your campaigns and publishers. With features like:

Reach and Frequency Dashboard

Understand how many real people you’re reaching and how frequently across all of your campaigns.
Measure the opportunity people have to see your ads and fraudulent impressions occurring across publishers.
Customizable reach reports with presentation-ready visualizations to gain insight into the holistic reach of your digital campaign.

Reach overview
Reach by device
On-Target Reach
Key On-Screen Metrics

Getting Started with Attribution Reporting

Getting Started with Reach Reporting