How to Boost Your Black Friday Sales with Facebook Ads


It’s that time of the year! Long lines, brutal fights in stores, and killer deals. Tis the season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner (November 24th and November 27th).

And whether you love it or hate it, we wanted to share our top tips for creating Facebook ad campaigns that will help your company monopolize on consumer behavior during this time and hit your sales goals.

Expert tip: during the holidays more advertisers are running ads which means there’s more competition for advertisers in the auction. Unfortunately, this means you have to be prepared to pay more in the bidding auctionmid-November till after Christmas.

1. Make Your Offers Irresistible
If your offers aren’t irresistible, especially in comparison to your competitors then you’re going to have a problem!

Black Friday deals are known to be door-crasher type deals or at least the type of deals that get your customers really excited.

If you have weak deals and offers then your customer isn’t going to engage with your ads as much, since they were promised irresistible Black Friday type deals. Don’t disappoint them.

2. Best Ad Formats for Black Friday/Cyber Monday
The formats that you will probably want to focus most of your efforts on are:

  1. Link ads
  2. Carousel ads
  3. Video ads

Link ads are great for giving details on offers or promotions that highlight your most important products or services.

Carousel ads are ideal if you have well-known items, want to tell a brand story or have different products on different sales.

Video ads can be versatile. Use graphics, GIFS, lightweight animations to communicate your company’s Black Friday deals.

Include all of your terms and conditions as well as shipping deadlines within your ads for Black Friday. People are usually attracted to free shipping offers. The best way to move people to complete a purchase is by giving them all of the information upfront, less friction to purchase is most effective.

Again, because the competition is so high around this time, your creative needs to be thumb stopping. So, focus on making your creative as eye-catching as possible, in conjunction with having short, sticky copy and a strong offer.

Ensure your ads are optimized for mobile since many people will be shopping on their devices.

3. Ramp Up Your Engagement
During the holidays having somebody manage comments under your Facebook ads is key.

Have dedicated people answering questions about your products and responding to comments.

These individuals are usually called Community Managers.

This will help more customers complete purchases since they won’t have an added step of doing more research to find a solution to their problem or finding an alternative way to get answers to their burning product questions.

It’s critical that you have an active presence engaging with your potential customers under your ads.

4. Always on Retargeting
At Abacus we have an Always on Media Buying approach. But during holidays like Black Friday, we recommend an Always on Retargeting approach.

This means that setup your campaigns and utilize Custom Audiences. Then for example, if your customer purchases a hat you can retarget them with the upsell of matching gloves.  

You can add retargeting to video ads as well through Power Editor. When someone views your video they will be targeted again.

Consider setting up retargeting for all of your top products during Black Friday. And don’t forget that retargeting works great for Facebook hotel ads.

5. Apply Learnings
By testing your ads during Black Friday, you can gain learnings and tweak them for Cyber Monday.

The best part of Facebook’s ad platform compared to traditional media buying is that you can immediately take learnings and apply them. This means that between Friday and Monday you can optimize your campaigns to make them better in a quick turnaround time.

Final Thoughts
The holidays bring a different set of challenges to the table but by using these tips you can create Facebook campaigns that help to hit your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales goals.

Abacus Agency
Abacus Agency

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