There are a lot of cannabis brands out there. But there is only one that makes a promise to women. The promise of living happier, healthier, and more authentic lives.

The Fluid Identity

The Fluid Identity created for Blissed lives and breathes its promise made to women. From meaningful colour palette choices to social media content guidelines, we created a distinct character and voice that resonated with the target audience.

This identity was especially challenging because the audience was very critical of marketing messages. The key was authenticity.

The authentic, inspiring brand for Blissed included beautiful product packaging, sales messaging, and an overall story that was much more than a logo. The colour palette was developed to enhance the tone of the brand and provide a unique identifier that would tell a story through the Blissed world of products.

Blissed encouraged unapologetic women to own their joy and the brand needed to express that freedom and confidence. Every aspect of the Fluid Identity is rooted in how special the brand is to its target, filling us and the client with joy.