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Abacus solves the challenges of mobile creative at scale through Social Design Systems

Abacus, an industry-leading Facebook and Instagram ad agency, today launched its new Abacus Creative Labs, a cutting-edge team of designers focused on bringing data, media and creative together to offer clients unparalleled digital advertising and mobile creative services. More than just an ad agency, Abacus is a technology solution for clients looking to advertise in our mobile age.

“After two years at the forefront of Facebook and Instagram advertising, we came to the conclusion that good mobile creative is the key to performance on social, and no amount of optimization can overcome bad creative,” said Peter Reitano, Chief Executive Officer of Abacus, and a leading thinker on digital advertising. “That’s why we set out to hire an incredible team of the best creative minds, in order to bring media and creative together at last,”

With a remarkable team of award-winning, media-informed creative professionals with experience working on award-winning campaigns at firms like Cossette, Sid Lee, and Hive, Abacus Creative Labs will work to ensure Social Design Systems offer state-of-the-art mobile creative services to clients.

“We’re excited to launch Creative Labs but more excited to finally bring digital media and creative together as one discipline,” said Jeff Goldenberg, Chief Strategy Officer of Abacus. “By applying design thinking to advertising, our Social Design Systems will allow our clients to scale their mobile creative by providing the quality, quantity, and variations needed for always-on testing and scaling.”

Abacus Creative Labs was inspired by Facebook’s own Creative Shop.

Leading the team will be Creative Director Corey Way. Corey was instrumental in building the Creative Labs team and product throughout 2018. Prior to Abacus, Corey was a Cannes Lion-winning Designer at Cossette. Since joining Abacus, Corey has been at the forefront of their efforts to merge creative, media and data into one discipline.

Abacus Acquires Stonewood Collective, Rebrands as Day Job

OurDayJob.com content creation and production

As part of Abacus Creative Labs, Abacus is also excited to announce the acquisition of Stonewood Collective as their internal production and content creation studio. Rebranded as Day Job, this full-service production and 3D animation house will power Abacus’ Social Design Systems by creating best-in-class mobile content.

At the epicentre of Abacus Creative Labs is the Social Design System. By taking design thinking from the product world and applying it to branding and advertising, Abacus creates a visual brand guideline and advertising assets, focusing on the mobile experience. This design thinking allows advertisers the ability to fluidly produce the quantity, quality and testable alternative versions needed to win big at Instagram, Facebook and across mobile.

Abacus believes that the future of advertising involves The Man and The Machine. By combining the best mobile strategists and creative with the best optimization and testing technology, Abacus aims to straddle the line between true advertising creativity and AI/ad tech.

With offices in New YorkToronto and Los Angeles, and clients ranging from a major bank to a hotel chain, and including Facebook itself, Abacus is at the cutting edge of mobile creative and performance digital marketing. In 2018, Abacus was named the first Facebook PRO agency partner in Canada, achieving the top partner-tier Premium status.

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