You Can’t Measure Branding Success

Why? Because you’re looking at the wrong things. A brand is not a logo or a product. A brand is not a mission or a “feeling”. A brand is not a panel in Google analytics or a report from Shopify. A brand is not your ROAS. A brand is not a funnel. A brand is […]

Survive The Google Page Experience Update Coming In 2021

Get ready: a major change is coming to Google search. While the tech giant routinely tweaks their search engine for better performance or more relevant results, the announcement at the end of May, called “Google Page Experience” came as a shock to many. But why? It’s All About The Brand If you think of “good” […]

ROAS: Understanding your Return On Ad Spend Results

In a sea of buzzwords and marketing statistics, ROAS (return on ad spend) is everywhere as  the new way to measure how your business or brand performs based on their advertising spending. But what exactly is the meaning of ROAS? It’s deceptively simple: If you generate $100 for every $10 spent on an advertising campaign, […]

The Facebook Conversion API Unleashed (2021 Update)

The Facebook Conversion API will change the way you do business online. Learn how this new feature delivers better conversions, faster than ever. In today’s digital economy there are more customer touch-points than ever before, and the landscape of devices, platforms and carriers is growing every day. On top of this, concerns about security and digital […]

Finding Your Target Audience: A Recipe for Brand Success

Finding Your Target Audience is essential to growing your brand. Learn how to create a ‘recipe’ to cook up perfect content every time.  Whether you’re a business, creator or artist, knowing who your audience is from the beginning is key to creating great content that feels natural, informs them, and hopefully helps them live their […]

Accelerate Your Advertising During A Crisis To Cut Costs By 50%

Advertising During A Crisis can actually help grow your business. How? Read on to find out in this guest post from Performance Advertising Expert Neil Parbhu. The year started like any other year. January and February was business as usual, but the news about the Corona Virus arriving in the west during the second week […]

2021’s Superbowl Ads: Our Big Winners & Losers

superbowl ads

Naturally, 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, and to be expected the ratio of humorous commercials to the ones that try to tug at your heartstrings was a little more skewed toward the latter than usual, not a bad thing. From the Abacus team – Here are some of the Superbowl ads we loved […]

Stylist Secrets Revealed: Going behind the scenes on ‘The Recipe’

Background and how you got into the industry of being a stylist How would you describe your aesthetic? Honestly, aesthetics to me limit sound limiting as a stylist. I like to think my aesthetic and look evolves with the project and client I am working with. As a creative I really believe that if you […]

6 Fatal Mistakes You’re Making with Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, in general, can be overwhelmingly effective in brand awareness and can yield extremely high ROIs. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, it’s not hard to create a campaign. It is, however, much more difficult to create a successful campaign that will perform well. While the interface is simple, Facebook Ads themselves are much more […]

The Facebook Ads Triangle

abacus agency

There’s one big question we always get asked by new clients before we start running campaigns: how much is this going to cost? It doesn’t matter whether an agency like Abacus is running ads or the client is creating the campaigns on their own; everyone is concerned if Facebook Ads fit into their budget and […]