Creating great audio ads for 2021

audio ads

Your audience is listening: a recipe for perfect audio ads Music, podcasts and live-streams are in a moment of major growth. In the last year 65.3% of Americans (218.6M) 70% of Canadians (26.6M) are tuning into digital audio every month, and with the rapid rise of working from home, the consumption of audio content has […]

Building a Content Marketing Matrix In 8 Easy Steps

multichannel content marketing matrix

What is a Content Marketing Matrix? Great marketing always begins with great content, and great content requires a sense of purpose, direction, and objectives. Often our marketing messages can get lost in the endless stream of social calendars, ad managers and email engines as we race to keep up with our audience. While it’s tempting […]

iOS 14.5: Important updates for your Facebook & Instagram Ads

Are the recent changes to privacy in Apple’s iOS 14.5 going to destroy your Facebook and Instagram Campaigns? On April 20, 2021, Apple’s latest iOS 14.5 software update for mobile devices was made available to the general public. The update introduces privacy features that are intended to go the extra mile towards protecting the privacy […]

Your buyer personas are bullshit

buyer personas

Buyer personas are a common tool that businesses and marketers use to understand—and deliver more targeted content to—segments of their audience and customer base. Having well-developed, fleshed-out buyer personas make it easier to produce great content and copy that niches of your audience will respond to. This means more results and more sales, especially considering […]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Video Ad

Why video is critical to your strategy People have shorter attention spans now more than ever. According to Facebook, people consume mobile content in 1.7 seconds. As a result, advertisers need to compete with both personal content and other advertisers on the platform. Many, are now turning to video as a way to differentiate their […]

Abacus and StackAdapt

It has been deemed the “Cannabis Revolution”. Not quite a year old, it quickly ripened into big business with brands and advertisers alike seizing a piece of this very significant market opportunity. Despite this market attracting savvy business leaders, the landscape is uncertain and most are still trying to figure out how to navigate it.  […]

6 Second Ads and the “Death of Advertising”

More and more recently I’ve seen advertising vets compelled to speak out on the “death” of our industry.  They all point their fingers at one specific reason: short form, performance advertising. They believe that short-form content and digital media buying have created an industry of tight turn arounds, smaller budgets, and a focus on ROI […]

A Winning Design System For Social Media In 4 Easy Steps

A design system for social media can give your brand or business a powerful way to scale your organic content and advertising in tandem, while maintaining a cohesive identity across an endless buffet of social media platforms. Don’t worry if you’re not a graphic designer or illustrator, anyone can create a Design System for their […]

Effective Startup Marketing Strategies for 2022 (Updated)

Looking for some simple strategies for startup marketing in 2021? Have an incredible idea and don’t know how to get the word out? Have a side hustle your self-funding? Read on to find 8 easy startup marketing strategies that could cost you nothing at all and help grow your business in 2021. Startup Marketing 101: […]

Instagram Reels For Advertisers: Essential 2021 Update

It’s official: Instagram Reels For Advertisers has gone global. Instagram’s TikTok clone has started serving ads in all countries as of June 17th. This new format looks just like any other video on Instagram Reels — full-screen, sound on, up to 30 seconds long — and will appear sandwiched between other Reels. With Reels, Users […]