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Abacus is an advertising agency that merges creative, media and data to scale for a mobile-first world

Our Services

Social Content Production & Advertising Creative. Always-On Paid Media & Distribution. Data: Collection & How to Use It. Brand Strategy & Fluid Identity Design

Abacus was born as a Performance Media advertising agency specializing in scaling acquisition through digital channels. Our initial goal was to drive better ROI on clients’ paid social ads, and we quickly built a reputation for driving business growth.

We identified that creative was THE variable for sustained success when it came to digital platforms and so we built a world class creative department and evolved into a full-service digital advertising agency.

We bring together strategy, creative, and media, together under one roof to engineer holistic growth engines for our partners.

Our Experience

  • Always On
  • Advertising Creative

An incredible product deserves creative that stands out. That’s why this campaign resonated in the context of social channels where the sound is usually turned off.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Fluid Identity Design
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Social Content Production
  • Package Design

A breakthrough brand targeted towards women in search of happier, healthier, more authentic lives.

Fluid Identities
  • Social Content Production
  • Brand Strategy

Campbell's is real food that matters for life's moments. We're proud of what we brought to the table with our mobile-first creative strategy.

  • Fluid Identity
  • Social Design System

We put a Social Design System in motion to stop thumbs. Through playful thinking and vibrant design, we built much-needed awareness for an app that simplified the lives of car owners.

drive-split-r Drive_Colourpallet img-drive-new
  • Brand Strategy
  • Fluid Identity
  • Package Design
  • Mobile-First Creative

Spärkel infuses real ingredients into bubbles at the touch of a button. We captured the fun in a stunning mobile-first creative campaign.

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Our Awards

  • Agency Of The Year

  • Platinum Award

  • Applied Arts Award


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